Micro-needle Fractional RF System
with Advanced Anti-aging
RF Technology


Secret RF was designed to be an RF-based multi-platform system that combines individual, fractional, multiple and single thermo-coagulation technologies in a single system. This standout multi-functionality system boosts treatment efficacy and reliability for a range of dermatological conditions including anti-aging, acne, scars and thread vein.



Non-surgical Facelifts
Skin Rejuvenation (brightening)
Wrinkle Reductions
Pore Reductions
Skin Tightening
Acne Scars


Spider Veins
Stretch Marks

Fractional RF

Secret RF uses precision 2MHz bi-polar RF and minimally invasive micro-needles in a single device to produce a powerful synergistic effect that minimizes damage to the epidermis. Precisely controlled RF energy induces a subdermal thermal effect and deep dermal thermal coagulation to selectively adjusted depths from 0.5mm to 3.5mm via patented non-insulated micro-needles.
Secret RF is capable of powerful heating and denaturation, which stimulates fibroblasts in both the subdermal and dermal layers for effective skin remodeling. Secret RF can treat all skin types, including dark skin, with a low risk of side effects or PIH.

Figue 01

Deep dermis denaturation

Figue 02

Collagen regeneration via wound-healing process after two weeks of treatment


Technical Highlights

Secret RF has several exclusive technical features that ensure even coverage of the target areas and maximize treatment safety for both practitioners and patients.

Reliable and Effective Results

Secret RF has the outstanding ability to deliver the most precise thermal effect to the correct skin depth with minimal downtime. Furthermore, the Secret RF's non-insulate fine needles create greater sub and deep dermal remodeling while stimulating both layers at the same time.

Minimal Discomfort
and Uniform Thermolysys

The finest medical grade needles demonstrate the highest level of smooth surface quality and durability, enabling uniform energy delivery and even coverage of target areas while avoiding any unwanted damage to surrounding tissue or uneven coagulation.

Precise and
Safe Treatment

The delay time and visual indicators are patient safety functions that hold the needles in the final position until the RF emission is completely finished. This exclusive motion control technology offers maximum safety by preventing any unpredictable damage to skin surface during operation.

Multiple Needle

The two precisely controlled micro-needle hand pieces combine with a range of medical graded micro-needle cartridges to minimize discomfort and increase treatment efficacy for a wide range of indications on the face and body.

The light weight standard hand piece equipped with a stepping motor offers smooth needle delivery that enables comfortable treatment for both practitioners and patients via 25 & 10 pin cartridges.

• Dimensions: 140*Ø40 (mm)
• Weight: 170g

The high-speed hand piece for experts offers a faster needle motion technique that enables more rapid and precise treatment in tandem with both standard and 64 pin cartridges.

• Dimensions: 196.5*Ø62*Ø41 (mm)
• Weight: 500g

Minimal Discomfort
and Uniform

The finest medical grade needles demonstrate the highest level of smooth surface quality and durability, enabling uniform energy delivery and even coverage of target areas while avoiding any unwanted damage to surrounding tissue or uneven coagulation.


Prevent allergic reactions

Surgical steel and plating products have excellent durability, while needles prevent allergic reactions.

Fast and Easy To Use

The user-friendly GUI offers effective preset parameters for a variety of conditions, making it simple and easy to use for any practitioner

Ncreases a new user convenience

Auto mode is based on three indications. This is a mode that can use parameters that can minimize side effects during the procedure with preset parameters.

User setting features

A wide range of use is provided by adjusting parameters in detail.

Non-invasive RF Technology


The monopolar RF mode is for non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment that delivers 2MHz of monopolar radio frequency energy into the sub and deep dermal layers for collagen stimulation.

Single Thermo-Coagulation Technology


The SmartCure™ smart electro pen enables a range of thermo-coagulation techniques in combination with a single electrolysis needle and a variety of nokor needles to treat a larger range of applications from spider veins to acne, wrinkles and depressed scars.

Single Thermo-Coagulation Technology

SmartCure ™ K3i

The K3i insulated single electrolysis needle (0.075mm) can treat undesirable thread and spider veins by delivering heat solely to the target vein without risks of damage to the epidermis and surrounding tissue. The Ø 0.075 (mm) insulated needle is for thread veins.

Single Thermo-Coagulation Technology

SmartCure ™

The AC-01 insulated single needle smoothly penetrates the skin and generates heat stimulation in the fibroblasts in order to improve wrinkles and skin texture via collagen regeneration and remodeling. The 1.5mm insulated needle is for acne.

Single Thermo-Coagulation Technology

SmartCure ™ 27G / 19G

Combined with RF energy, the subcision technique provides significant long-term improvement in scars by inserting a needle under the skin parallel to the skin surface and moving gently back and forth between the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The insulated subcision needle is for depressed scars.

A variety of
treatment modes

(Auto / MANUAL / VS / Monopolar)

A range of
needle electrodes

(25pin / 64pin / 1pin / 4pin / 10 pin / 27g / 19g)

Gold Plated

Capable of
fine depth

Minimize bleeding and pain during treatment

Multi-Platform device

A variety of
hand pieces

Easy to
combine with
other treatment